The Hidden Risks to Food Safety

Monday, March 26, 2018 15:55 - 16:30

  • You already know the risks involved with food safety, but your peers and superiors may not perceive them the same way. We aim to explore why cohesive understanding is critical to effective food safety and some of the common impediments.
  • Shortcomings in food safety often trace back to communicating risk to the right entities.
  • Perceptions impact the effectiveness of food safety within an organization.
  • Communicating the minimal costs associated with risk mitigation is critical and often overlooked.
  • Current "Fads" in food safety traceability overshadow the fundamentals of running a clean, food-safe facility. They often can have high costs with little ROI.

Randy Kohal, VP of Food Safety and Reliability, Nexcor Food Safety Technologies